The Youenn B. studio is specialized in the creation of multimedia content, most often intended for object design, communication, events ...

From media support, from the simplest to the most complex, we create all types of graphic content. Our only limit is time and your budget.

a 3D animation spot; 3D inlay in a real decor video; a 3D time-real relief press presentation; a mapping video for a scenography; an advertising HTML5 banner that evolves over time; a window in optical theater; an iPad application to configure a product; an anamorphic and interactive installation for a shop; connected chocolates; … And so many other things that we can still imagine just for you.

What we do

Graphic design

We make any type of image:
 - Modeling, sculpture and rendering 3D
 - Illustration
 - Logo and vector illustration
 - Photographic assembly
 - Layout
 - Digital media design and ergonomics
 - etc ..

Motion design and special effects (VFX)

In terms of special effects, the inlay of 3D sets, with simple titration, our technical, graphic and artistic versatility offers very wide know-how.

Animation and stop-motion

We carry out any type of animation:
 - 2D/3D
 - Stop-motion
 - Motion-Capture
 - Scenographic
 - Interactive
 - procedural (code/ia)
 - Mechanics
 - etc ..


In the studio or real decor, with a camera, a camera or a drone, we produce our own images.
 - Advertising spot
 - Packshot product
 - Live on social networks
 - Institutional film,
 - etc ...

Creation and advice

Youenn B. develops graphic concepts and content in response to communication issues.
Our artistic management and our achievements apply for any media and graphic support.

CAD and modeling

Our CAO service offers support for designers and creators, for the creation of their digital model. Although we are not a design office, our technical and artistic knowledge, allow us to make the link between the designer and the engineer. The modeling makes it possible to validate concepts and quickly move to communication tools.


We are developing graphic applications for communication, marketing and events.
We can publish on any type of platform:
 - Standalone: ??PC / Mac / Linux
 - Mobile: iOS / Andorid / Windows
 - Online: HTML / OpenGL
 - Embedded Come arduino card
 - Immersion: HTC Vive / Oculus / Mobile
The most common applications:
 - Product configurator
 - Virtual visit
 - User interface
 - Scenic graphics
 - Cloud Diffusion System (Broadcast)
 - Games

3D scanning

Photogrammetry is a process that we implement either in the studio or outdoors, to digitize in 3D both objects and environments.
The applications are multiple:
 - Take measurement
 - 3D / interactive modeling
 - 3D modeling
 - Mask for video inlays
 - Creation of textures
 - etc ..

Ideas laboratory

Our teams practice technical and technological watch, many experiments in very diverse fields in order to expand our proposals.

We assess new technologies, test their reliability, so many of our experiments have been able to go into production according to their relevance.

This also allows us to design tailor -made tools to help us in our productivity and our quality of service.

What can we imagine together?

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