Head in the clouds

The Manufacture Sébastien Barrau and designer Sylvain Mariat offer a luxurious and visionary wedding with an unprecedented creation in the universe of furnishings via a graphic design referring to an aeronautical legend.
We were fortunate to attend the birth of this exclusive work in tribute to the “Concorde” supersonic plane.


a bit of a bit

The ‘M2.02’ asked very interesting work on ethical fur, we tried to make it as realistic as possible for very high resolution images.

Hairy / disheveled

Like a hairdresser, the graphic designers coat, cut, smooth, and work on the texture and color of 'mesh 3D'.


Sébastien Barrau Manufacture, offers a customizable range and a tailor-made service.
For the launch, we carried out a personalization web interface.

Online configurator

Based on “compositing” technology, the images are calculated in time-on server on the server, the configurator offers a photo-realistic rendering of the options chosen.


A bit more ...

What can we imagine together?

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