"Integral" passion

Integral R is the story of a meeting between enthusiasts, he marks the arrival of a new actor in the world of aviation. The project for us was to offer a realistic vision of the range in its context. We have chosen the Alençon aero-club to film the decor in which we joined the planes.


“Integral” design

We started working with aura aero with designer Sylvain Mariat. We brought our know-how to finalize the design and the 3D model. This envelope served as the basis for Aura Aero engineers.

Design support

Under the direction of Sylvain Mariat, we were responsible for modeling different elements such as the canopy, the engine hood with the air inputs, the wheel fairings ...

Original Image Before
Modified Image After
Original Image Before
Modified Image After

A bit more ...

What can we imagine together?

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